content creation

Cannabis Content Creation by our Experts.

We will give you a professionally written article with SEO optimization for your keyword/s of 1000 words that the search engines love.  The bigger the article the better the results!

Google, Bing Yahoo all love huge articles and here you can get American, professional writers making you wonderfully written articles in anyway you want. First person, second person, press releases, blogs anything !!! We research the long-tails for you and add them to the content to make sure your article is relevant.


  • 1000 word article written on your topic with our experts using your keywords.
  • SEO Optimization to make sure it is search engine friendly.
  • Long tail keywords, researched content and wording to target your niche.
  • Engaging content to keep visitors/customers on page longer.
  • Attach your hyperlinks or URL’s in the posting.
  • Revise the content to meet your specific needs.
  • We will find high ranking cannabis niche sites to place this on for $100.00 and up just pick it on the options.

$80.00 per article

Additional 1000 words for $75.00 each block.