CHIEFTON SUPPLY COMPANY is a Colorado based clothing manufacture that specializes in cannabis inspired design. you can find many of the latest in fashion trend and maybe make your own statement by purchasing some clothing on their site. They strive to create innovative cannabis t-shirts, graphic design, and branding out of their office located in Denver, Colorado. They were one of the featured vendors at the 2016 Denver 420 Fest and had a great looking booth there.

We have been partnered up with Chiefton Cannabis Clothing for a year now and have delivered great results in the keywords that were requested and researched out for them. They had bought one of our event packages and now is getting the traffic benefits from it. This particular package included 900k views of their logo on various sites with unlimited click through, and our Entry level SEO package. This was a very reasonably priced package and that has paid for itself by saving the client expensive PPC ad expenses and delivering long lasting SEO results.

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