Cannabis business directories are excellent for SEO and link diversity.

Get your company listed on all of the free and paid cannabis directories. If you want or need link diversity, better SEO rankings want more qualified traffic and brand recognition then getting listed on cannabis directories is a must.

We can do it for you!!

The problem is filling out online forms and the time it takes to do it. Your labor costs can run $35 or more an hour! Your time is valuable.

Let us do the tedious work of filling in forms, placing information, photos, company vitals and everything else that can take you hours to do.

  • We will have our team draft up a 350 word description of your company with you.
  • We will gather all your vital information and make sure it is correct on every directory.
  • We will fill in all needed information in each directory and send you all log in information.

 Only $20.00 per listing plus any fees associated with placing the listing.

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You can also do it yourself. We have all the links for you below.