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How to make sure your webpages are Search Engine Friendly.

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A quick check up to see if your pages are “Search engine friendly”.

We get asked often by our clients to give them helpful hints about marijuana marketing, so they can go into their websites and tweak them to rank better in the search engines.  So we decided to give you, the cannabis business person, a few “tips of the trade” that we use, to help make sure your pages are doing what you need them to do. These are what we consider some of the “easiest to implement” ideas we give to our clients. So if you have a few pages that are “almost there” in the search engines or need a boost from third page to first, here are some actionable things to do, this can be used for new articles as well.

Put some time into the right tools and find the best way to write your content.

#1- Research Do some digging and research your keyword phrases (the terms you want people to search for to find the information your going to write about). You want to make sure you know what your clients need, and how to best answer it. We use a bunch of research and tracking tools to find the best terms that will drive convertible traffic to the posting and give you the bang for your buck.

You can also use some of the same tools we do, such as MOZ, and SEMRush to research the terms that you can go for. You can get a great start with both of these wonderful tools and they both have a free trial period as well. Use these two tools armed with your businesses key terminology/assets and see what terms will bring you the best traffic, not just the most. You want traffic that will actually convert into a sale, not just a looky-lou, so be sure to find terms that you can “be an expert at.”

The best way to get a convert is to answer the question that they have, whatever it may be. Say they need a water pipe? The article should show them how and where to buy a water pipe. So something like… “How to find the best bongs” or “Find water pipes online here” could be great titles.

One thing to always make sure of  “Is this traffic is worth the expense?” So that means to be sure that the expense of the article placement and any other labor and expenses for the article are worth the convertible traffic the post will bring to you. Most posts hit a few keyword phrases that people are looking for and can turn in a long time profit if they are written and placed right.

 We have written articles targeting low search terms, in the 20-50 per month range, and have had great success as these niche words had a high intent rate, which made most of the flow through traffic convert because they found the answer in your product. That means the 20 to 50 page views gotten per month from the search engines, convert into 300 to 600 convertible sales a year! Just make sure that what your striving for will really turn a profit.

And before you ask, yes, you do have to rank that page in the front pages of the search engines to get the maximum traffic for the bang.  Now on to the next step.

content is king and queen

Content is King or Queen, just write some good stuff.

#2  – Content is King or Queen! Now you have to produce an article to “answer that question” that you know so much about, in a fashion that will inspire the reader to follow your guidance, much like I am now.  The best thing to do now is refer back to step one, but first click through the results of the “question your going to answer” and look at the top 6 results shown. Go and actually read the articles now.

  • Look at how they word the articles. Make sure to look for the terminologies they answer, the buzz words that are in it, the photos, graphics or infographics they have or don’t have. Remember, you want to answer the question with better photos, graphics, make it easier to understand the text, etc.
  • Structure is also key. People needing and searching for the “answer” are the ones making those pages you see in the top ranks of the search engines be there, because they use it. Google see them stay there and not bounce back to click anoth and has deemed those articles a good fit to answer the query. So we or you should try to mimic it as much as possible without plagiarism of course, but once again, can you do it better? Are the #1 to 4 ranked pages structuring for a mobile or a desktop? Sometimes an article that is optimized for mobile viewing will rank better, as now mobiles are the most used device.
  • Make it as easy as possible. What do we mean? Well, make the content of the “question your answering” as easy to digest as possible for the reader. Do you write a step by step instruction manual or a “this happened to us” kind of article? By looking at what is already ranking, it can help guide you to make a better answer.  Just make sure it also “gets to the point” quickly. * You could add photos, graphs, or even a video to make your content a “better answer” than the top ranking others.

how to make your webpages Search Engine Friendly

Get some links to your article with your own site and other sites.

#3 – Spread the word! – This part can be the hardest part for a small company to achieve, but now you need a few blogs or websites to refer to the article you have just posted. In other words, you need to spread your link to the world. This helps to improve your convertible traffic of clients needing your “answer” and it also helps with your search engine placement.

How are you going to do that??  – Well, the very first thing you can do is use your own site to promote that new article you have written. Go back through all of your older posts and see if you have any posts that can be used as a relevant “interlink placement” leading to your new article. I am sure you will have two or three that you can use. Now, just place an interlink with the keyword phrase you want leading back to the new article. Just don’t use the exact same keyword phrase more then 3 times, try to change it up a bit (example below).

If you have 5 pages you can place a link to in your new “how to buy grow lights”  article, then you want, “how to buy grow lights” twice and then “learn how to buy grow lights” and “guide to buying grow lights”, etc, as the other links. Sometimes a longer phrase is better, just as long as the keywords and synonyms of the keywords are in the phrase. An example of this would be using “purchase” instead of “buy”. By using these interlinks you can get a lot of help boosting your dispensaries marketing, pipe manufacture sales, cannabis friendly lodging or just about any page or article can benefit from these described steps.

Now that you have placed the new article link in your site, you need to spread it around on the internet. So, posting it on your social media pages is a great next step.

  • Posting on social media. – First off, be sure to post it at times your readers will read it. The norm for social media posts are from 1pm to 4pm, Tues through Thursday. However, we do it everyday. But remember, some posts do better at night than the day. Next, place it on a schedule to post two more times in the next three weeks and a few more times in the next few months. If it is an “evergreen” type of article, then we recommend also posting it every three months, to reinforce and show it to new followers.
  • Getting your link used on other sites. – This is as easy as sending out emails to other sites that could use the information in your article to better their articles. Hit the search engines and find some sites that would benefit from your informative article and ask them if they could point any of their readers to you that might be needing that information.
  • Use a content marketing firm to help spread the word. By using a content marketing firm, like us, we can get your link spread out to a lot of other blogs and websites giving you a long term lead generator and a long term revenue generator. Content marketing firms, such as us, can get you rates on content placements that would save you thousands of dollars rather than you just approaching the sites and blogs yourself. Yes, a lot of the big time websites want you to pay to place your link in them, and we have negotiated very competitive rates that we will pass on to you.

Once you have done these steps, in making your article, placing it and getting a few inks to it, it is just a matter of months and you will see as the article moves up the search engines.

Now do remember that new articles will bounce up and down in the search engines in the beginning, but will settle with in 4 months to where you can see how your plan has worked. Then you can tweak it a bit if needed with a few targeted links to it. Just follow these steps and you will have a great base to start with.


We hope we have helped you a bit with this article, if you need any more help feel free to contact us here.